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S #14 Baltic Comics Magazine

S #14 Baltic Comics Magazine

Published by kus

162p, full color, 4.25"x5.75"


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S is a beautiful pocket size comics anthology from Latvia - highly international and stupidly awesome!!! This latest issue is "Sports" themed and opens with an amazing onslaught of radness - Amanda Baeza does some swell Patrick Kyle-ish ping pong, followed by a piece by Emelie Ostergren who's gorgeous and strange dustball drawings I am continually amped on, then Michel Esselbrugge's buggy kingdom that has a 1-800-MICE-y vibe, plus lovely color work, THEN house favorite Michiel Budel takes his wayward girls to the roller derby
, THEN THEN Anna Vaivare does some lovely naive ink work in a story about animal gym class. Solid work throughout too including Marc M. Gusta, Conor Stechschulte and Dace Sietina. GO TEAM! -EF