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Lots of Planets Have a North

Lots of Planets Have a North

by Kate Dunstone, Emma Jackson, Tessa Norton and Judi Sutherland

44 pages, black & white with color photo insert, 5.75" x 8.25"


From the front cover: "A project exploring the North of England as it is imagined, lived, and dreamed of."

Ey up! From the land where every day's like Sunday skulks this dry, delightfully designed & resigned handful of writ wit examining the particular appeal of Northern England's coal-dusted aesthetic. Contains many coy examinations of Manchester minutae, proving that when you gaze into a Yorkshire Grit Box, it also gazes back into you.

You were looking for a zine and then you found a zine, and heaven knows you're in Morriseyville now!*


*Disclaimer: zine does not contain any actual articles about Morrissey (most likely deliberately, as they must be sick of talking about him by now.)