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Cum Lung #3

Cum Lung #3

by Aaron Manczyk

28 pages, green ink on white paper, 5.5" x 8.5"


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Dick: it's what's for dinner! And breakfast, lunch, and all the snacktimes in between, because Wilson and his pussy are back in the seedy saddle -- givin' head, growin' dreds, and mixin' bizniss with pleasure in the cumtinued nadventures of the Blowjob Time-Traveler... Cum Lung!

Stuck in the past, Wilson's suckin' day and night to collect the maximum amount of man-milk, so as to restore his status as the sperm-stained savior of humanity. He fucks up, down, sideways -- any which way but tight!

[As with previous issues of this comic, or really, any comic titled "Cum Lung," this depicts graphically explicit sex & is for adults only. Not recummended for the puritanical -- or pun-phobic!] -GS