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Big Sassy Piece #1

Big Sassy Piece #1

by Nicki Yowell

24 pages, black & white with full-color cover, 5.5" x 8.5"


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"Essays, Listicles Collages & Other Buffoonery"

Dismember the '90s? Quimby's's's other resident Zine Queen (Nicki Yowell) spreads her wings to regurge up another fat, greasy wad of Pop Culture Pie in your peepin' little mugs. 

Her recipe: put the internet circa 1998 in a blender with a handful of Ring Pops, a clutch of cat hair, five dollops of Dippity-Do, one raw egg, and like, every single computer font ever invented, and puree on "deconstruct." 

Mom stock photos finally get the comeuppance they deserve, the reasons why writing never gets done are plumbed, and then there's some other stuff too -- pizza, ice cream, all that crucial crap you don't even deserve.

When you see the word "listicles," does anyone else envision a wet ballsack with chewing gum stuck to it? ~GS