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Selfish Magazine #2 Just One More

Selfish Magazine #2 Just One More

by Taylor Yates

78 pages, full color, 6.5" x 9"


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 In Selfish Mag #2 a bicoastal bevy of writers and artists tackle lady foibles with worthy feminine wiles. Objects signifying the rituals of female daily life decorate its pages. A pair of tweezers with an errant hair, a rusty eyelash curler, a scale, a row of maxi pads backlit by a flash of hot pink. 

 The articles, artwork and poetry within Selfish explore big picture territory via the personal. Editor Taylor Yates investigates the intersection of race, identity and beauty. Stills from a video by Mar Cuervo show a woman's mouth while applying red lipstick until the whole lower third of her face is covered. Audrey Dundee Hannah details her day job as a receptionist at a medical spa with great wit and candor. Hunks of chewing gum in different phases of mastication pepper its layout all the while. 

 Selfish moves with great fluidity through its contributors' mediums of choice all while maintaining a playful, sassy but meditative style. A good all-the-way-through kind of read but easy to set down and pick up again. Mad props to graphic designer Yuiko Sugino for a smart, spare design that has just the right amount of bubblegum yum. -NY