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Mournals March Journals

Mournals March Journals

by Suzette Smith

26 p, black and white with color cover, 5.25" x 5"


"I think that in 50 years we'll look upon customer service the way we now look at slavery.."

These wise words from the artist's fat orange kitty are just a bit what makes this an awesome diary, make that...journal comic. In her back page blurb Suzette Smith writes "in March 2014 I started keeping a journal. March is generally a bleak time of year." Amen to that. 

 Smith takes the seasonal doldrums of daily life - work at a social service center, volunteering, school, lost notebooks, housemate and love troubles - and whips up an appetizing slice of her life. Whether she's running into a tree and  "everyone totally saw" or she's just running, "2.5 miles today," Smith keeps it light and silly with blocks of sketchy graphite scenes. -NY