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Harvey and Me

Harvey and Me

by Melissa Mendes and Anne Elizabeth Moore

7"x8.5", 32p, color, stapeled


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In 2007, writer/journalist/scholar Anne Elizabeth Moore went on tour with the late Harvey Pekar to promote the very first edition of the Best American Comics, for which she was the founding editor (and Pekar was the guest editor). Her memories are documented here in comics form, drawn by Melissa Mendes' watery soft focus inked minimalism, giving it a nostalgic pithiness that makes even a comic about Anne eating a Cinnabon in front of Harvey in the airport terminal seem evocatively sentimental, in a most loving kind of a way. And in fact, the way Harvey is so protective of Anne in these comics (the public radio handler is giving Anne the stink eye and Harvey is pissed, for example) reveals the sweet side of his compelling curmudgeonliness. Funny, thoughtful, and charming. -LM


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