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Rock N Roll Astrology and Rituals

Rock N Roll Astrology and Rituals

by Elizabeth Thompson

52p, 4"x5.5", b+w xerox with card stock cover, stapled


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Elizabeth Thompson celebrates rock music (and other peripheral genres) and astrology by pairing each entertainer (Hendrix! Siouxsie! Tupac! Patsy Cline! etc.) with the planet whose characteristics they most clearly display. I can appreciate the difficulty in making some of these editorial decisions of what planet represents what artist, by this detail that she writes in the introduction, which tickled me in its specificity: "You might have thought that David Bowie would *obviously* be mars, but looking at the characteristics of Jupiter (Optimism, Prosperity, Generosity) we see that within this cosmology he *clearly* is the rockstar of Jupiter." There's also some helpful advice with each description as prescribed by the day of the week that each pairing represents. Saturdays? Get naked under the influence of Uranus (and Kurt Cobain). Heh. Heh. -LM