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Antelope Magazine #1

Antelope Magazine #1

by Meghan McGrath and Elisa Shoenberger

8"x11", glossy cover, full color, perfect bound,


Elisa and Meghan are quirky and fun scholars interested in oral history and mayhem, and they've edited a wonderful magazine. This issue of The Antelope focuses on all things flight: a piece on first class airplane luxury (by Joe Mason, with illustrations by Alex Nall), interviews (with a master falconer! with an urban ecologist at the zoo! with lowbrow artists who do flight-relevant stuff! with a drone enthusiast! with a bee keeper!), comics about birds, poetry by great folks such as Robbie Q. Telfer, airmail art, patent diagrams for a human flying apparatus, UFO art criticsm and more. An additional noteworthy detail about this magazine is that it is a wonderful overview of many Chicago-centric artists, writers, thinkers and facts. Make time fly with The Antelope! -LM