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by Dan Gleason

5.5" x 8.5", B&W, 12 Pgs


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We all know what Dan Gleason can do with words. Like a Master painter he is able to caress the canvas with the brush of his eloquence, creating vivid landscapes, and vibrant scenes of humanity and jocular despair. If you stare at his creations long enough, you might even find yourself in the farthest recesses of his oeuvre. That's you in the corner, taking a drunken piss into a forgotten styrofoam container filled with unwanted Chinese leftovers. Don't look away! You need to see it! Anyway, the latest entry into the pantheon of Gleason is not so much Magnus Opus as it is manic doodles drawn on a crumpled napkins while waiting for the bus. Yet the beauty is still there; generational failure, dreams of future indigence, his-and-hers genital piercings, EVEN T.I. MAKES AN APPEARANCE. Buy this today! consider it an investment, as it will surely become valuable long after its creator's demise. He's counting on it. - M.C.