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True Pooch

True Pooch

by Haleigh Buck, J.T.Yost, Jordan Jeffries, Alessa Kreger, Nicole Testa LaLiberty, Gant Powell and Jess Worby

Color cover, b+w interior, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 28 p


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True Pooch is a collection of short comics about dogs and the humans who love (and put up with) them. From kennel escapees to apartment mess-makers, several artists share moments sure to delight dog lovers of all kinds.

Edited by Alessa Kreger


  • Haleigh Buck
  • Jordan Jeffries
  • Alessa Kreger
  • Gant Powell
  • Nicole Testa LaLiberty
  • Jess Worby
  • J.T. Yost