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Women in Print #2

Women in Print #2

by Jennifer Trontz

6"x9" full color, 30p


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Issue no. 2 is packed to gills with visually powerful photos and illustrations of women, as represented in various printed media over the years. The author makes sure to include detailed and concise information about the creators and origins of all of the imagery, which helps the reader to understand each unique visual history. Some of the material covered includes; The Preppy Handbook, which is shockingly specific in it's teachings. You could set your Eddie Bauer watch to these incredibly earnest descriptions. Get swept away by delightful sketches of young women with short and messy, yet controlled hairdos. Donning their perfect L.L. Bean cardigans and Talbot's scoop neck T-shirts. Trontz discusses and documents the evolution of the cover illustrations for Judy Blume's classic and beloved coming of age title, Are you There God, It's Me, Margaret? Here's a hint, if you were born before 1985 you will probably find the 2014 cover version to be fairly depressing. On a brighter note, I implore you to bask in the simplistic beauty of the sparse, yet intensely effective linework, in a spread called Women of Ikea. ~CH


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