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Gender Euphoria a New Collection

Gender Euphoria a New Collection

by Rena Yehuda Newman

5.5"x8.5" Color cover b+w inside, 63p


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Poetry, prose, and art by non-binary & transgender creators about the joy and beauty of gender euphoria (the wonderful opposite of gender dysphoria). 


Inspired by the resilience of transgender youth, this collection was created with the belief that joy is resistance. With this collection, fifteen contributors are joyfully expanding a meaningful, and textured canon of what it means to be transgender & non-binary in 2018. Sharing our moments of triumph, beauty, and euphoria is a powerful way to dictate our own stories as full human beings, capable of immense joy. Gender Euphoria seeks to heal & open new conversations.


Featured creators:


Ti/Amanda N. Fizzard

J.B. Chun


Juliette GMM López

E.J. Schoenborn

Cas Landrum

Dorian Cliffe

R. Goetz

Gavriel Green

K. Kroger

BD Wahlberg

Andy Dominguez

Rena Yehuda Newman

and more!