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Do What Now? #1

Do What Now? #1

5.25"x8.5", 12p, stapled, color photocopied


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A zine that describes itself as "A prank calling publication written by reformed prank callers" serves as a reminder that there really is a periodical for almost every topic and subculture. The first sentence lays it out: "This is a little zine we put together to give you essential information about the prank call community," which provoked me to ponder: There's a prank call community? These people all know each other? Sure, I remember before the cell phone era when prank calls were popular enough to have spawned things like show segments and albums (SO I HAVE ALL MY SHOES AND ALL MY GLASSES, anyone?), but in the age of easily identifiable phone numbers, I had no idea this was still even a thing. Further, I was impressed to learn that prank calls are still popular enough to have spawned meetups (in Chicago no less). It's always encouraging to learn about new varieties of communities and subcultures that I have yet to encounter and delight in, which makes me want to get out more. But I also need to get out more because I was told my refrigerator is running.  -LM