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Infinity Wretch #1

Infinity Wretch #1

by Infinity Wretch

5.25"x7.5", 32p, stapled, b+w, yellow cardstock cover.


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As per Infinity Wretch's own words: "Release your spiritual potential with 32 pages of visual art created in 2018. A metaphysical jail break from yr neoliberal restraints, crafted to help you overcome psychological oppression enacted by the Kanadian government. Jack into a wretch's network of freedom from the Chaos of modern existence. Let the wretched mystics guide you on a path of healing as more emotionally aware molluscs save you from lies and workplace coercion. This is not a book for manipulators who will have their lies exposed and risk having all of their merchandise they're purchased first- or second-hand or otherwise put out into the alley or yard. The wretchs' final statement is an astral exodus and an act of social support coming from a place in the Universe where civic initiatives rule and all else will meet its grubbing fate."