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Fizzle #3

Fizzle #3

by Whit Taylor

Published by Radiator Comics

5.5"x7" 40p, b+w on yellow paper inside, color cover


Claire is tempted by lifeboats, grav bongs, and citrus fruit. Fizzle is a fictional comic about Claire, a New Jersey transplant in California on the verge of transcending her listless life. Claire works retail at a tea shop where her boss expects more enthusiasm than Claire can muster, her stoner boyfriend, on the other hand wants Claire to spend less energy worrying about life. Claire wants something more, but isn’t sure what. A pot-induced joke and a taste for evocative fruit sparks an interest in Claire that could be her escape from her mundane life.

In issue three, we dive into Claire’s relationship with her boyfriend, Andy, through flashbacks to when the couple met, and with a visit with his family. This issue’s narrative flows effortlessly from one scene to the next as Claire is caught off guard by new feelings while she continues to explore flavors in ice pops!

This third chapter is deftly crafted as Whit sculpts a portrait of a young woman on the verge of something new. Revel in Whit’s keen sense of humor and drama, while taking in all of the subtext and fully developed characters.