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Be the Change! A Justseeds Coloring Book

Be the Change! A Justseeds Coloring Book

by and more! , Lesly Yobany Mendoza, Roger Peet, Jess X. Snow and Meredith Stern

Published by Justseeds

8"x10" Color cover and b+w inside, 36p


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Imagine a world free of oppression, and built on social justice and community support instead.

What would it look like?

Be the Change is the first coloring book featuring the art of Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative!  These 35 illustrations envision radical social transformation and pathways toward a more just future. People of all ages will find inspiration here. In a world that is getting faster every day, slow down and celebrate art and resistance. Make the revolution bright, colorful, and irresistible! Together we can be the change we want to see!

This coloring book is a collaboration with our friends at Radix Media, a worker-owned print shop and publisher based in Brooklyn, NY whose mission is to publish stories that get to the root of the human experienceThis is the second title in Radix Media’s publishing program, which launched in April 2018 with the anthology AFTERMATH: Explorations of Loss & Grief.

Justseeds artists who have art in this coloring book include Meredith Stern, Roger Peet, Jess X. Snow, Lesly Yobany Mendoza, Fernando Martí, Melanie Cervantes, Shaun Slifer, Favianna Rodriguez, Sanya Hyland, Pete Railand, Kevin Caplicki, Kristine Virsis, Colin Matthes, Mary Tremonte, Bec Young, Jesus Barraza, and Jesse Purcell.