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Soiled #8 Onceuponascrapers

Soiled #8 Onceuponascrapers

8"x8", 175p, blue and redink


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Asper the publisher:


Onceuponascrapers is a collection of illustrated architectural children’s stories akin to “picture books” that narrate contemporary ideas about architecture and the built environment. 


While these stories are crafted to be read aloud to young audiences, the storytelling also aims to empower, engage, and entertain audiences of all ages. Onceuponascrapers gives license to adults to suspend their presumptions in “reality” and “grown-up behavior” in order to envision alternative futures and pleasurable new worlds.



Julia McMorrough tours us through the city’s roundest corners and squarest curves. 

Ihwa Choi fantasizes about cosmic window shopping. 

OK Architecture solicits expert advice for a friend’s new project. 

WAI Think Tank brings the sun into arm’s reach. 

Sarah Aziz and Sekou Cooke prompt our empathy for a tornado.

Office Kovacs offers some decoration advice to an armadillo. 

Besler & Sons introduces us to our friendly digital companions. 

Sarah Gunawan remembers and mis-remembers her visits to Grandma’s House.