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Vacuum Decay #1

Vacuum Decay #1

by Jose Angeles, Cristian Castelo, Mike Diana, David Enos, Michael Falotico Karmichael Jones, Karmichael Jones, Jasper Jubenvill, David Moses and Harry Nordlinger

40p, color cover, b+w inside on tan paper


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Vacuum Decay is a comics anthology collecting surreal and existential horror comics from some of indie comics most promising young artists, as well as some of the more established masters of the craft! Organized, edited and published by Harry Nordlinger, creator of Softer Than Sunshine, Vacuum Decay is a throwback to the glory days of Black and White horror anthologies, in the vein of Gore Shriek, Slow Death and Insect Fear. Sure to send a chill down your spine and create a darkness cloud in the back of your mind!