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Armchair Demonology

Armchair Demonology

by Gerhard and Clint Marsh

Published by Fiddler's Green

4.5"x7", 12p, 4 illustrations, and copper foil leaf logo on the cover


The Magical Benefits of Cultivating Bad Habits


Mystics and intellectuals have extolled the virtues of stimulants throughout all of human history, believing that the use of certain substances can bring them closer to the ineffable. Although arduous journeys along “the poison path” appeal to many psychonauts, there is also much magic to be found in the use of milder stimulants.


In this illustrated booklet, Clint Marsh recounts his own history with two such drugs (pipe tobacco and black tea) describing the ways they have brought about creative and philosophical insights that may have otherwise eluded him.


Clint Marsh uses elements of myth, magic, folklore, and humor to help people navigate everyday life. He is the editor of Fiddler’s Green Peculiar Parish Magazine and a winner of the Bookseller/Diagram Prize.


Gerhard worked for twenty years as background ­artist and cover colorist on the Cerebus graphic novel. Since then, he has done commissioned work through GerhardArt.com, and, most recently, illustrated the Grant ­Morrison story “The Smile of the Absent Cat” for Heavy Metal.



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