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Monthly Review vol 72 #3 Jul Aug 20

Monthly Review vol 72 #3 Jul Aug 20

9"x6", about 120 pages, perfect-bound


This issue: Racial Capitalism.


As per the publisher: As this special issue of Monthly Review on racial capitalism goes to the printer, the entire United States has been upended by more than a week of protests and riots, extending to over 150 cities, sparked by the police murder of George Floyd. The widespread rebellions are a manifestation, at a deeper level, of the unraveling of the social fabric due mainly to the actions of the neofascist White House under Donald Trump at the apex of the U.S. state. On June 1, in response to the protests, Trump called for deadly force to be unleashed on the protesters, seeking to utilize the U.S. military in what he is calling a policy to “dominate” U.S. society. All of this is in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, a deep economic depression, and the most brazen examples of class corruption, property theft, and violation of the so-called rule of law seen in modern U.S. history.