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Seize the Moments Volume Two

Seize the Moments Volume Two

by Steve Wallet

5.5" x 8.5", b+w, 40p, perfect-bound


Author and artist Steve Wallet says, "I feature Our Cat, my wife Lisa and myself as the main characters in my cartoons. I am a tall, slightly nerdy, slightly goofy, big hearted guy. Lisa is smart, well organized and an avid gardener. She has a big, loving heart. She takes care of us and keeps everything on track. Last but definitely not least is Our Cat. He is a little aloof and imperious while also being timid, vulnerable and affectionate. He gets all the best lines.


"I have been drawing my autobiographically inspired cartoons for seven years. They are inspired by small moments, touching or funny things that happened during the day. I draw them at the end of the day on my smart phone with my finger."


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