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Drip #3

Drip #3

5.5"x8.5", full color, perfect-bound


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As per the publisher: As service industry professionals, we are objectified and sexualized without out consent on the daily. DRIP zine is a space for the specialty coffee community to reclaim our sexuality. It is a submission-based print publication filled with pages of photography, poetry, short stories, illustrations, and other artwork where we explore how we feel about our bodies, sex, gender, nudity, power, vulnerability, self-expression, and identity.


"DRIP Zine, a project started by Coffee People Zine founder Kat Melheim and co-creator Claudia Campero, aims to showcase the more salacious and raunchier work of coffee pros. “The main difference between Coffee People and DRIP is that DRIP is explicitly a place for more illicit content." -Barista Magazine