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Now We Are Seven

Now We Are Seven

by Jens Köhler and Michael Patrick Bailey

6"x9”, 64p, 21 illustrations, singer sewn


Now We Are Seven is a book of poems for young people, for people who read to young people, and for people who remember being young people. Illustrations by Michael Patrick Bailey capture the charm and feeling of the poems. The “grown up” design language is intended to make kids feel like they are getting away with something by reading poetry. The illustrations invite a young reader to linger on the page. Our big discovery was that kids are not afraid of formalism!!! So you will find many different forms: sonnet, free verse, concrete poetry, a paradelle, and others. Subject matter ranges from farts to dessert to war to dreams and the strangeness of growing up. For Easter Egg hunters: see how many times you can find the “7” motif hidden throughout the book.