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LOL Dying Stuff

LOL Dying Stuff

by Mick Moran

4"x5.25", 20p, stapled, b+w photocopied


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As per the publisher: It can be hard to think about dying, and even harder to talk to our families about what we want when we reach the end of our lives. When I made a document with my wishes to send to my family, I called it “lol dying stuff” to try to ease some of that discomfort. But these conversations are important, and some of these things may be on people's minds recently due to what is happening in the world. This zine is to help you think about some end-of-life plans, both for decision making if you are sick, and the things to plan for if the worst happens and you die. I’m not a healthcare provider, a lawyer, or a social worker, but those are all people you can talk to as you make more official plans. The information in this guide is geared towards people living in the USA, but may be helpful to people in other places as well. It’s best to check your local laws while making plans because they vary from place to place.