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Now What? The Story of My Life

Now What? The Story of My Life

by Luke Tauber

8.5"x11" color, 18p


"I've been working with my friend Luke Tauber for the last 14 years, helping him navigate his personal obsessions that include, classical music, categories of cheese, female wrestlers, Western funeral practices, and his own family history with the Holocaust. His studio practice is an arena in which the quotidian can easily commingle with emotionally heavy themes with historical reach. Several years ago he expressed the desire to write and illustrate his own life story. Fragments of it had appeared intermittently in his work, often paralleled with the classical composers who he loves, but felt that he wanted to do something a little more comprehensive. This first version takes the form of a zine, although there may be more iterations to come. Lukes intellectual curiosity extends into further subject areas that he may decide to interlace with his own narrative in the future. 


Luke Makes art in Little City Foundation's Center for the Arts. CFA was founded by three School of the Art Institute of Chicago faculty in the 1990's with a progressive philosophy and Fine Arts focus." - Jennifer Mannebach