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Workprint #2 Misfit Cinema Journal

Workprint #2 Misfit Cinema Journal

by Derek Abbott

5.5"x8", 32p, b+w photocopied, bright green cover, inside on ivory colored paper, each copy is hand numbered


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Some of the stuff you’ll find in this issue of the zine that bills itself as The Misfit Cinema Journal, a cinema fanzine:

-features on a classic TV movie starring Louise Lasser, VHS pick of an 80s Canadian dance movie classic, Two Comedies By Joan Micklin Silver, & a story about my perfect Thanksgiving (hint: it involves going to the movies)

-an imagined adaptation of SNL's Stefon and a tribute to a movie theater in Baltimore

-a new feature on Cynthia Rothrock movies - this month is about The Inspector Wears Skirts

-the second part in a very long series called - Living to Die: Fandom, Anxiety and Wings Hauser. This one covers Mind, Body and Soul; The Carpenter; Pale Blood and Mutant

-mini reviews of new releases and boutique blu-rays

-and more fun stuff!!!