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Dan Gleason Is In Business

Dan Gleason Is In Business

by Dan Gleason

8.5"x5.5", 20p, stapled, color cover, b+w inside


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What Dan has to say about this Dec 2020 zine:

You know, nothing says Christmas like one of my filthy books. That's why I'm bringing #64 'Dan Gleason is in Business'- to Quimby's today, when they open at noon. It's the perfect stocking-stuffer, just in time for a visit from Claus. This book has everything, tales of me shitting myself, reflections on childhood in the 70s, excerpts from my diary, treatments for horror films never to be made, and plenty of reflections on how we're a country of idiots. Everything. Buy 5 for your friend, your wife, your friend's wife, your friend's wife's husband, and yourself. Get a sixth for the neighbor boy, Timmy. Here's a story, & the tremendous cover by Luke Smarto! Thanks to Jenny & Gwen for the editorial assistance. Love to all.