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These Are All Inadequate #3

These Are All Inadequate #3

by Jesse Maximum

8.5"x5.5", 32p, b+w, stapled


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The publisher Jesse Maximum says it best, so why not go with their description?


I made a place for bad ideas to be celebrated, for brilliant minds to visit projects or concepts they wouldn't have published otherwise. So whether it's too juvenile, too amateurish, or just plain not great, they have a home in These Are All Inadequate!


This third issue contains:


-An essay about what makes a game bad by Cheapass Games' James Ernest


-Drawings of pet peeves and werewolves by Otar


-A list of 800 Magikarp names


-A Gar Fieldi haiku from Amanda Traphagen


-A piece pondering the myriad possibilities of Mike Myers


-A Gandalf Feeny drawing from Cathy Krencs Montross


-A villanelle about Sasha Banks vs. Bayley


-The third chapter of an epic story from Sean Michael


-Dog faces!


- An MP3 of a demo from James Kochalka




-An underwhelming möbius comic centerfold by yours truly


The zine is 28 pages long in full black and white, printed laboriously at a local Staples and stapled at home. I was going to do fancy corners, but the fancy corner machine got borked and it didn't work out.