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Lunchmeat #10

Lunchmeat #10

by Ted Gilbert and Josh Schafer

64p, full color front and back covers, black & white interiors, perfect bound


The Spring 2021 issue.




Lunchmeat Magazine is back and jam-packed with 64 pages of VHS-obsessed content!


LUNCHMEAT #10 Features:

Reviews of radical obscurities and cult classics only available on VHS

A deep dive retrospective on THE GHOSTING

Demystifying the found footage gem GIRLS AT THE CARNIVAL

Uncovering the Lost Warrior of the Rewind Era: THE ARCHER

An Exhumation and Exploration of CREEPTALES

Rolling the Bones with Low-Budget Movie Renaissance Man James L. Edwards

A Mind-Bending Account of SPLIT with director Chris Shaw

Animation from the Abyss After Dark Edition

Strange But True: Kane Hodder’s Candid Farts

Analogtising Special Edition featuring AUDIO / VIDEO PLUS

A Future Vision of the VCR: Tips and Tricks on Keeping Your VCR Alive in Modern Times


This is the first press limited to 1000 copies worldwide.