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Strange Tapes #9

Strange Tapes #9

by Dumpster Dive Cinema, Janice Click, Armando Hernandez, Nate Higley, Scott R. Miller, Angi Moss, Jacob Reynolds and Klon Waldrip

44pgs / glossy color cover / black and white internals / 5.5 x 8.5


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We’re back and stranger than ever. Issue #9 features interviews with the Gummo kid (Jacob Reynolds) and cryptic tape-maker Janice.Click. It’s also packed with articles, tape reviews, shocks, schlocks, and more!


Featured tape reviewers include: Angi Moss, Dumpster Dive Cinema, Klon Waldrip from Late List zine, Armando Hernandez (@Raculfright_13), and Nate Higley (@natepancakes)