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Especially Now

Especially Now

by Jonas

66 pages, softcover, b&w, 5.5" x 8.5"


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A new collection of micro-fiction by one of our fave local writers and self-publishers, Jonas Cannon. We agree heartily with Stacy Russo's assessment in the book's foreward: "Jonas strips the English language down to the core and uses powerful words at the exact right moment. He knows how to startle with lines that make you want to sit quietly and think about what you just read. Beyond all of this, Jonas gives his readers characters that are full of humanity and all the beauty, grace, and tragedy that comes with that. Some of the characters may not be likeable, but you can still feel your heart break for them. There is a little of all of us in these stories: grit, kindness, anxiety, despair, and a desire to be loved."