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Tactical Hand Cream

Tactical Hand Cream

by Michael Sincavage III

5.5"x7.5", 32p, b+w, stapled


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The artist says: "In 2016, I became a father and set out to get sober after years of heavy drinking. During that time, Trump became president, mass shootings continued prolifically, a violent insurrection exploded, and Covid changed the world. Among many other outcomes, those events resulted in two of the highest sales years of firearms in the US.


The more I got my life and my mental well-being together, the more volatile the world around me became. My goal with this comic/zine was to capture that dissonance in a visceral way by combining words and imagery with a non-sequitur comics approach. 1 step forward with sobriety, 10 steps back with anxiety.


While the writing is 100 percent about my personal experience, the drawings are satirical in nature. The concepts are anticipating the growing influence of combat culture in the American suburbs in the near future. None of the characters presented here are intended to portray anyone in particular. However, my intent was to capture the feelings of interacting with these familiar strangers in common suburban settings with the underlying potential for extreme bloodshed.


On a confident day, I would boast that this work combines elements of dark political satire, deeply reflective self analysis, and keen social observations.


However, on a particularly self-deprecating day, I would say it’s a bunch of Pettibon knock-offs strewn together with the self-aggrandizing ramblings of a deeply cynical yet awkwardly optimistic individual."