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Freewheel vol 2

Freewheel vol 2

by Liz Baillie

Published by Punchbuggy Press

98p, b&w with color cover, 5.5"x8.5"


I had trouble getting into Liz Baillie's most recent work, but it was just because I'm allergic to drawings of stuffed animals. It's cool, I took a benadryl, got over it, and now I'm waist deep in this book and it feels GREAT. It's the story of a tween runaway Jaime starting off in a cruel reality that quickly flips itself into a world full of fantastical wildness and scrapper ingenuity. Baillie's cast of crusty interdimensional hoboes makes for rollicking good character development and drives some hearty and unexpected plot twists. The whole thing reminds me of a Roald Dahl story, and it's got a similar vibe and vibrancy to Aaron Renier's Walker Bean. The drawings have this nice jam-jar homebrew style like, what if Ramona Quimby was a punk? After reading Bailie's (also great) My Brain Hurts, which stays firmly grounded in a realist New York, it's nice to see what happens when she draws some high weirdness into the mix. -EF