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Graphic Subjects

Graphic Subjects

by Michael A Chaney

Published by U of Wisconsin


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A teeter-totter of critical essays focused on autobiographical comics work. Maus gets pounded out from every angle then we get a winding journey down the graphic theory rabbithole. A couple of sly academic tricks get played, including an "everything-is-everything" reading of "Watchmen" as autobio (in which case I think they could've chosen a non-autobio comic that's not also a blockbuster movie to prove this point, but, c'est la vie). My favorite of this 'thology so far is Pheobe Gloeckner's terse and grumpy "everything-is-nothing" explaination of autobiography as an imploded conceit. There's smart and often contradictory moves in here, a nice sampling of how and why autobio comics have in a large part brought modern critical validity to the medium. -EF

344p, b&w, illustrated, 6"x9"