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Chicago Girls

Chicago Girls

by Molly Hills

Published by XLibris


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This book gives me the same gross feeling that watching Sex in the City does, except it's based in Chicago which makes it a bit more bawdy and a lot more broke. That said, get ready for lotsa dudes, lotsa bars, facebook-based drinking games, booking girls-night-out-style trips to Vegas, more drinking, sports references I don't get, mildly skanky spooning orgies, and fighting to stay looking super hottt in the face of it all. Features some very funny moments of reflection including "Shouldn't have had that third Zima" and "I'll be stealing that Margaritaville sign later". If DIY chick-lit indulgences are your thing, have I got the book for you....EF

100p, b&w, illustrated, 6"x8.5"