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Lose #3

Lose #3

by Michael DeForge

Published by Koyama Press

32p, b&w with color cover, 7"x10"


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Lose has the same doomsday "joy" of early Dan Clowes or Chris Ware: pathetic characters trapped in a endless plummet of unaware-over-self-awareness that cuts straight to the heart of a modern crisis of meaning. Perhaps an interesting distinction here is that while D.C. and C.W. were dishing out their snarkiest and perhaps crassest work as absurd technology and media alienation was revving up, DeForge's fined-tuned portraits of apocalyptic failure are being produced in sync with a deep cultural wallow in the bitter joke of "first world problems". Whatever the case, his self-absorbed characters attempting (and failing) to toddle through their collapsed and bombed out trash cities unscathed is consistently scary and resonating. With each issue, his rotwater post-apocalypse hauntscape looks more and more like the 4 month pasta salad leftovers back of my fridge, but somehow it keeps you hungry for more. -EF



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