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Phonebook 2007 - 2008

Phonebook 2007 - 2008

by Carolyn Picard

Published by Green Lantern Press


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A new school guide to alternative art spaces through out the country. Sort of like a "Book Your Own Fucking Life" for artists, curators and the curious. Cool!

*From the publishers:* Local NFP Artist Residency THREEWALLS and The GREEN LANTERN GALLERY AND PRESS have buddied up to make this super awesome new directoy of alternative (i.e. NFP or non-commercial or apartment galery) art spaces across the country. This is the first annual edition, and is available for a mere ten dollars. It includes the name of the space, the mission statement, contact info and whatever exhibition calanders the spaces may have provided.

There are over 150 art spaces on the list, plus ten essays written by independant project hosts who contextualize the listings with specific examples of their experiences. These include writing from Michelle Grabner of the Suburban, Ed Marszewskie and Mat Malooly of Lumpen/Version/Co-Prosperity Sphere, Daniel Tucker of AREA Chicago, Mike Wolf of Mess Hall, Philip vonZweck of VONZWECK Gallery, Ben Schaafsma of inCUBATE, Anthony Elms of White Walls and Gallery 400, Shannon Stratton of ThreeWalls, Nell Taylor of The Chicago Underground Library,Elizabeth Chodos of ThreeWalls, and Caroline Picard of The Green Lantern.

In addition to which, there are innumerable Marginal Notions that you can read for a diverse entertainment experience.

This book was edited by Caroline Picard, Assistant Edited by Glenda Reed. The fancy lay out and design is a product of Sonia Yoon's genius