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by CF

Published by Picturebox Inc

66p, b&w and color, french fold, 5"x7", numbered edition of 1000


Out of Stock

CF continues to be an oft-imitated-never-replicated amazing drawererer. Sediment is mostly character studies of racers, shitty babes and Michael Jackson futurists. A grouping of abstract color studies reminds me of Carol Rama's Mad Cow assemblage work and there's something Brion Gyson-ish about the black hole ambiguities summoned up in the calligraphy sketches.
Despite the lovely gist of this work, there are some things awry in this dream machine.  The color printing doesn't seem very well done, with very visible CMYK dots and the choice to include scanned-in grainy page wrinkling doesn't serve the images very well. After seeing pitch-perfect print reproduction in Kramers and Powr Mastrs, this work seems sorta sabotaged. I appreciate the tiny pocketsize presentation until I get to the $30 Dzama-esque pricing. At $12 this would make the perfect low-key micro-monograph, but even at Amazonian discounts I would debate picking this up. Limited edition, c'est la vie. If money's no object for you though, by all means get your paws on this, it's rare to get at pages this smart. -EF