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Kramers Ergot #8

Kramers Ergot #8

by Sammy Harkham and Dan Nadel

Published by Picturebox Inc

232p, color, hardcover, 7"x9"


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This latest Kramer's anthology feels a little bit like cocaine and a reptile tank. The contemporary comics contributions are bookended by Robert Beatty's retro-digital airbrush wizardry and bisected by higloss cgi still lives by Takeshi Murata. Then there's a mouthwash Preface by Ian Svenonius' space cowboy essay "Notes On Camp, Part 2". Followed by some great cartoonists paring it down and playing it cinematic and cool - CF's Hunger-ish scenario, Harkham's Kubrick's cube, Ben Jones gives us a long yarn in a dental floss line, Frank Santoro and Dash Shaw do a foggy bit about sexual predator entrapment hued in Cold Heat pervert-purples. Johnny Ryan delivers a space carnage ramble, Chris Cilla does some smut with David Heatly flavor overtones. Tim Hensley does Svenonius' essay one better in a single panel National Lampoon sort of gag. Despite a icy hands-off feel to much of book there's still a pulpy heart beating here-Gabrielle Bell nails down something sinister in pastel California colors. Leon Sadler is at the best I've ever seen him here - grungy characters in a feral bizarro smurfville. I may be biased, but I'm especially partial to the converging and diverging paralell multiverses of Anya Davidson's brutal "Barbarian Bitch" which I think acts as a great counterweight to the book's closer, a 40-page reprint of Penthouse's "Wicked Wanda" that's a (yes) campy  combo like if you remade "The Mouse That Roared" with the plotline of Hothead Paisan.


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