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Pocket Guide to Plants and Gardening

Pocket Guide to Plants and Gardening

Published by Black Dog Publishing

128p, full color, softcover, 5"x7"


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This mini encyclopedia is a treat for anyone interested in plants and gardening and explains in a simple way the puzzles of the plant world.

Some of the topics covered include: the journey of a grain of pollen, how photosynthesis really works, the difference between grasses and all other flowering plants, and the life cycle of a plant from germination through to pollination. The book also includes information on the experts; from plant hunters who roamed the world in search of new plant species, to the great botanists who first discovered the secrets of the micro-world of plants. Readers will also discover some of the great, life-changing inventions in plant science and cultivation.

A Pocket Guide to Plants & Gardening goes on to coherently explain plant classifications, from genus, species, and cultivar to variety, describing what they mean and who came up with them. This part of the book also delves into Linnaeus and the Latin names of plants. There is a useful section on propagation and cultivation; how to increase your stock of plants by cuttings, division, layering and many more methods, with an in-depth look at soil and compost and how these can be used to maximum effect in the garden."