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Edible Selby HC

Edible Selby HC

by Todd Selby

Published by Abrams

296p, color, hardcover, 8"x11"


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Tasteful Kitchen Porn - EF



We all have preferences. Whether it's chomping down hamburgers at Five Guys or McDonalds, going underground with food trucks that are on the street one moment and gone the next, or keeping a sharp eye on Mike Sula's column in The Reader to pore over his pretentious musings on his perceived perfect frite; we all have a way in which we view our culinary inclinations and how we choose to iterate them on a daily basis. In Edible Selby, the reader is treated to a literal galactic road trip canvassing one side of the culinary universe to the other. From Chinese takeaways that take their influence from Oklahoma barbeque joints, onward to coffee houses that look like exhibition rooms inside of the MOMA; Edible Selby's reach is far and wide. Neglecting neither the low brow nor the high, the book provides an in depth look into food purveyors, pulverizers, and pontificators; asking them questions about the meaning of life, prodding them for recipes, and figuring out what it is they do on their off days (hint: not resting, that much is obvious). Filled with rich photos, you'll want to buy two copies - one for the shelf and the other for cutting and chopping while putting together the reference scrap book for yr own personal culinary tour de force; that eatery you'll be gnawing at the bit to open after making yr way through this from cover to cover. - KS