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Calling Dr Laura

Calling Dr Laura

by Nicole J Georges

Published by Mariner

260p, b&w, softcover, 8"x10"


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A memoir guided by uncanny luck and slippery heartbreak, Georges' new graphic novel about queerness and family will doubtlessly be compared to Alison Bechdel's autobio work. There are similarities, and they are good ones, but Georges is a far more playful narrator and a delightfully stranger artist. The setting here is Deep Portland - backyard chickens, vegan dinners, fleets of dogs, vintage glasses, band practice, karaoke and domestic partnership and Georges leans into the craftiness in the way she draws: the tiny, delicate and expressive hands that could almost tell the story by themselves; the warped perspectives that stretch and contract as the characters come together and fall apart. Coupled with the astute, honest storytelling, Calling Dr. Laura is so solid: smart, juicy and a straightup moving read. -EF