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Pigs Disco

Pigs Disco

Published by Ditto Press

84p, riso printed in b&w and colors with offset photo signatures, hardcover, 6"x8.5"


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Woof! This thing is it's own special trip: mayhem-infused gonzo reportage laid out as an art book/photozine and novel rolled into one.

More about this badassery from publisher Ditto Press:

"Stuart Griffiths joined the British army in 1988, aged 16. Within a year he had earned his red beret and was posted to the Parachute Regiment in Northern Ireland.

 With an Instamatic camera, he began to document the everyday reality of war: the accidental killing of teenage joyriders, violent riots, the aftermath of bombings and shootings, gallows humour, LSD trips and the titular ‘Pigs' Disco’