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Iron Bound

Iron Bound

by Brendan Leach

Published by Secret Acres

252p, b&w, softcover with flexi disc record, 8.25"x7.75"


Leach's cartooning has that has that Ben Katchor scratch with an added Kate Beaton-ish fluidity of posture and expression. Iron Bound does a solid job of capturing it's environment - set in early 60's Newark, New Jersey, postwar boom just outgrowing the sock hop. The plot draws from the teen pulp and b-movies of the era: it's all about rough-edged greasers negotiating their hot tempers and golden hearts, caught up in criminal circumstances beyond their control. Like Katchor's work, the setting is a major player in the story, nailing down the details of place becomes an action that dictates characters, a faithfulness to genre dictates the plot. It's smart cartooning servicing a straightforward narrative, in a style I'd classify as New School New Yorker. -EF