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Good Day Mi Lady A Ren Faire Zine

Good Day Mi Lady A Ren Faire Zine

by Megan Kirby

5.5"x8.5", 16p, stapled, b+w photocopied


Huzzah! A meditation on the awesomeness that is the Bristol Renaissance Faire off ye I-94 at the Illinois/Wisconsin border. Party like it's 1574 as Megan revels in the faire's hilarious photo ops, like eating turkey legs. She delights in recognizing the contrast provoked by the cognitive dissonance of anachronism ("You're supposed to suspend your disbelief but then you look over and there's a man in a suit of armor and a pair of Sketchers") and is soothed by the janky merged with the fantastical. Indeed that unicorn is a horse with a horn glued to its head, and that is a ridiculous form of fantasy. As a former Bristol improv performer, I can attest to the hilarity of having to suspend disbelief; it's pretty awesome watch a performer take off part of their prosthetics to eat a corn dog. -LM


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