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Mineshaft #36

Mineshaft #36

by Robert Crumb, Gioria Palmieri and Everett Rand

8.5"x5.5", 48p, Cover printed on French Paper Company "Construction White" Cover paper, b+w inside, stapled


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The anthology that mines the depths for unpredictable visual and literary ore is back. This issue: "Excerpts from R. Crumb's Dream Diary" and "The Wandering Mind" by Crumb! "Knockers Up!" by Mary Fleener! "Bad Poetry by Billy Childish! Justin Green Reviews Crook! New work by Christoph Mueller, Denis Kitchen, David Collier, Noah Van Sciver, Tommy Trantino, Aleksandar Zograf, Rika Deryckere, Mick Guffan, Peter Poplaski, John Porcellino, Leonardo da Vinci, Pat Moriarity, Robert Armstrong and more. Front & back cover art by Robert Crumb.