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by Søren Solkær , Soren Solkaer and Sren Solkr

Published by Gingko Press

9.7 x 1 x 12.8 inches, 240p, hard cover


Søren Solkær has traveled the globe to create Surface, a collection that captures some of the most important names in street art and graffiti. Dynamic images of artists alongside their work provide an adrenaline-fueled look at street art culture and the creators that paint, tag and wheat paste every wall, bridge, building and sign they can reach. Street art aficionados will be captivated by the images of their favorite artists, while the uninitiated will be instantly drawn in by the unrelenting color and in-your-face design of every piece. Surface reaches down deep to capture the living, beating heart of the street art scene. Artists featured include COPE2, ELLE, DabsMyla, Shepard Fairey, LISTER and more.