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Dislocation Studies

Dislocation Studies

by B. Edwards and Vertonen

Published by Ballast

4.25"x7", perfect-bound book, 52p, 4 mini CDs glued inside


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Subtitled Texts: Fragments, Remnants, & Sketches of Nonexistences, Audio Field Re-codings


Each of the discs for Dislocation Studies creates a place that does not exist as presented, if only by dint of geography and chronology. Each recording is assembled from elements of field recordings collected from different locations, seasons, and events and also combines recordings made under different circumstances (covert, overt, active, or passive recording).


The texts hover around narrators who have allowed themselves, through mental or physical choices, to be enveloped in unfortunate environments, or wish to extricate themselves from said environments but lack the full capacity to do so.


This release is in an edition of 33 signed and numbered copies.

Audio by Vertonen and text by B. Edwards.

*Note: You need a real CD player for these little CDs, or a computer with a CD tray.