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Hypnopompia #1

Hypnopompia #1

by Jack Currin and Kelly Schoen

8"x10.5", 24p, full color, stapled


In the publisher's own words: "This book is a paper airplane thrown off a balcony over a crowded mall. Both a coming-of-age graphic memoir and a musing hallucination on finding your place in the world. If we have done a half decent job, this story will touch on traumatic shit. Terrorist attacks that rocked America, depression, suicide attempts, self-harm, nihilism, mania, psychosis, family strains, identity crises, and existential angst. If these are not elements the reader can abide, please set down this book. Our aim is to remove the stigma of “mental illness” and breathe life and light into the corners of the human experience that are so often shamed. This story is based on true lived experiences. Welcome friends."


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